Humans is a boutique New Zealand-based film and video production company run by the humans Aidee Walker and Alexander Gandar.


Chelsea Jade - Life Of The Party

The Map Room - Hold Me Up To The Sun

Anna Coddington - Apples

Anna Coddington - Release Me

Chelsea Jade - Low Brow

Maala - Touch

Maala - In The Air

Anna Coddington - Slate

Chelsea Jade - Visions

Louis Baker - Back On My Feet

Chelsea Jade - Night Swimmer

Anna Coddington - The Runner

Watercolours - Pazzida

Anna Coddington - Make You Mine

The Veils - The Stars Came Out Once The Lights Went Out

Anna Coddington - Bird In Hand

Latinaotearoa - Something About You


Artham Dance Company - Ranthambore (Online Spot)

Rialto Channel - Cannes Film Month with Francesca Rudkin

Rialto Channel - Fashion Film Month with Adrian Hailwood

Rialto Channel - Human Stories Month with Judy Bailey

To see our short film Catkiller please contact us.